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pioneers of change



pioneers of change is a festival of dutch design, fashion and architecture on governors island in new york. it continues this weekend, september 18-20.

governors island is always a great little getaway, just a short (and free) ferry ride from downtown manhattan. although it did get very crowded last weekend.





nathan shedroff, who i mentioned before on this blog, has made available a ‘series of free syllabi and teaching materials to help instructors teach students key topics for the future’. these seem to be based on his popular books design is the problem, experience design 1.1 and making meaning, and are released under a creative common license.

[via core77]

social designer



from the new york office of fellissimo, the design competitions and store goods of social designer are ‘linked with causes that tune into the greater good’.

social designer

going with the grain



design21 is running a design competition sponsored by the nature conservatory and the forest stewardship council US: design an object made from a single sheet of 4×8 feet plywood, that is flat packed and can be repeatedly assembled and disassembled.

note: they currently seem to be linking to the wrong document for the competition details.


the 4th bin



design competition for an electronic waste recycling bin and related logo for new york city.

seems to be run by a nyc tech company, and requires a $20 entry fee. but the jury and sponsors include some good names.


design is the problem



nathan shedroff, experience designer, head of the mba in design strategy program at cca in san francisco, and former co-worker of mine (good old vivid days), has just released another book that is making the rounds on the blogs: design is the problem – the future of design must be sustainable.

i have yet to read it, but core77 has an interview with nathan and an exclusive excerpt, describing it as "… likely to become one of the most important books for designers on the subject of design, design practice, and sustainability…"  and "…the definitive guidebook to the future of design practice…". hmm …


turning green



a guide to assist interiors designers wanting to integrate sustainable design principles into their firms business principles and practices.

created in 2006 by Associates III, a residential and hospitality interior design firm in denver, colorado. applicable for other kind of design firms just as well.

downloadable from the american society of interior designers (asid) website.