something new at a post by guest blogger daniel stillman, who attended the scion iQ press reveal for us. daniel writes, mainly for himself, at and designs, mostly for others, at kaleidoscope design.

below is an exclusive preview of his impressions. watch out for a longer version coming soon on core77.


I  took a short trip to California to attend the Scion iQ Press Reveal August 25th. The event was a full day, where our group got to learn more about the Scion iQ and the Scion brand. We also got a sneak peek at commercials and promotional efforts for the Scion iQ that will be rolling out over the next year. The most fun part of the day was the 2 hour test drive up the California coast, where we got to put the car through the paces and try out the car’s tiny turning radius – around 13 feet. It didn’t seem like a big deal at first, but it was a fun feature.

I’m really excited about their hero color, Hot Lava. It’s not just fun to say, it adds a lot of character to the vehicle. It’s a deep and rich color.IMG_5457

A great aspect of the event was the interactions with all the other attendees. I’ve included some photos from my new friends…since often they were better. It’s easier to see from the above shot that the rear spoiler makes a big difference in the car’s overall stance and sporty feel. Also, compared to the smart car, the Scion iQ really does look and feel like a *real* car. The lines of the door are stronger and more direct, too.


One design detail that was focused on, but really didn’t sit all that well with me, was the Manta Ray-inspired Center console, shown above. It’s the top ov the V-shape in the console that houses the car computer systems. It was rimmed in red, which looked sporty at first, but later on made the console feel stuck on. The photo above is from Scion, which shows the console head on – where it doesn’t look so bad. My shot, below, shows the strong contrast the red trim gives the console.



I felt the manta swoops worked nicely on the door handles, though. The version we saw was in glossy black, but that may change in production.

In comparison with the 2-seater Smart Car, the Scion iQ is a 3+1 seating car…This means you *can* get four people in it, but 3 people and some groceries are more likely.

I haven’t sat in the Fiat 500, which also seats 4, but the rear seat of the Scion iQ is pretty comfortable. They slimmed the seats down to allow significant legroom improvements for the rear passenger.

Overall, as a car I found the Scion iQ a lot of fun to drive and easy to park. As a design object, I found a lot to like, and some things to overlook.

Scion is really clear on one thing – this car is easy to own. They make it one way (they call this MonoSpec) so you never have to come on and haggle. You choose your color and go. If you want accessories, you can trick it out, and I highly recommend you do. The rims and spoilers really make the car.

For more on the Scion IQ and to find out when it will be available in your region, check out their website. Also, if you’re in the LA area, Scion has an art exhibition coming up at their gallery space.

Thanks to for sending me on their behalf … it was a blast, to be sure. And of course, to Scion, for shipping us all out there. Stay tuned to Core77 for a longer feature on the Scion iQ.

Update: Daniel’s full article for core77 is up.