tobias wong passed away early morning sunday, may 30, 2010. some info at core77, archinect, flavorwire, designboom, inhabitat, treehugger, hint, dezeen, mocoloco. and just coming out, an obituary at the new york times.

update 6/26/10: new york times article with some additional information

i met him once when he co-judged a competition i was in (thanks again for making me best-of-show). so don’t have too much to add. but here are some of my favorite pieces by him:


gold pills – pure gold leaf passes straight through the body and ends up in your stool…so your poop will glitter

tb-coke-spoon1 tb-coke-spoon

coke spoon 1 + 2


his take on karim rashid’s ‘i want to change the world’



  new york city twin tower matchbook, 2010